Chaa weoo, injaii keyoo…

A wiseman once said:

‘Starving men do not fart!’

Pakistan is a quite nation today, we are a starved nation, metaphorically and literally. Some are deprived of 2 proper meals a day, others are deprived of their right to justice, some (like our president) are deprived of common sense, others dont get laid enough(so they blog!) so on and so forth…

However, we’re not here to talk about how our economy’s constipated, or how our president wants to squeeze Sarah Palin’s knockers, we’re here to talk about absolutely nothing!

The Dark fuckin’ knight my friends, is a work of art! Ive always found batman to be the best of the superheroes, hes cooler, and he fights the big dogs running the system rather than the everyday sandman or radioactive baldie. Even though Prince Cinema’s hall has more spots of pan than a memon’s intestines, and the assholes started the movie with the las ketchup song (faulty audio), that didnt stop me from enjoying the movie. Heath ledger’s joker was so crazy, the poor man ended up killing himself! :S

Some fucker stole my car and ruined my eid, but i got it back (minus my CNG kit) and im feelin’ nutty again… 😀

“Biryani khayein….. is say pehlay kay aap ki biryani khayee jayay!

*A public service message by student’s biryani*


35 responses to “Chaa weoo, injaii keyoo…

  1. This ones more vulgar than funny. 😦

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  3. lol..why every second post of yours is about farting eh?

  4. I agree Illusion, I think Farooq is suffering from some gastrointestinal ailment

  5. thank god you got ur car back!
    and dont have so muxh biryani, it will only worsen the ‘farting’ problem

  6. @purplepeople

    ill make sure the next post is funnier, and maybe a lil less vulgar! 😛


    lol cause farting is the most underrated part of everyday life! 😉


    someday justice will be served, and those who fart shall not be held in contempt anymore! 😛


    khatoon, its the coke that one has with biryani that lets the gases loose!

  7. I demand a deep post. Password-protect it, if you have to.

  8. I was so planning to go and watch The Dark Knight today, only to have my Ammi ji tell me that I am supposed to go to a wedding instead. *sighs*

  9. @saadat

    lol i hate weddings, except for the hot chicks you get to see, theyre such a waste! Im gonna get married in court! 😀

  10. ok thats not fair with others…u get to see hot chicks in other people’s weddings while u would deprive others of this privilege in ur own wedding 😉
    as for having coke with biryani, i havent had fizzy drinks in atleast 5 years so cant comment on that

  11. @Karachiwali

    they can go to sunday bazar if they wanna chekc out hot chicks, the only hot chick at my wedding will be my wife! 😀

    And i salute you! for not drinking any fizzy chemicals for so long. Im a coke addict, i cant give it up, how did u manage?!!

  12. Man you are hilarious!.
    thanks for a good laugh!

  13. i was addicted too, it was difficult initially. i mean it wasnt the case of ‘stop buying if you dont want to have it’ cuz my dad was totally addicted to it as well so it was always available in large amounts at home. i just started to fill myself in with fruit jiuces and water. now i just dont like the taste of fizzy drinks anymore.

  14. @Saad

    Thanks bro, and welcome to the blog!


    thats real cool, ive given up like a dozen addictions but i just seem to give up coke, matter of fact i dont even want to! 😀

  15. ofcourse then thats a completely different story. waise wat addictions have u been successful in giving up?

  16. lol alcohol, smoking, dope, pills (but pills arent chemically addictive) – thats pretty much it…

  17. whoa..thats quite a lot. now i shud be asking how u managed cuz for me it was only been junk food which wasnt all that difficult to give up after all

  18. Farook, kia yaar?
    wasiy puri post samajh main aagayi… wat dz the title mean? 🙂

  19. @karachiwali

    i suppose its all about making your mind up and sticking to your decisions! 😀


    The title, much like the post, means absolutely nothing! 😉

  20. true, but thats hard work in itself

  21. @karachiwali

    lol if you say so!

  22. I think I miss the deep posts too :S E-mail me the password next time you decide to write one.

  23. @purplepeople

    lol for sure!

  24. May I request the password, please?

  25. @saadat

    no one can stop you from requesting it 😛

  26. Haha! I knew you would say that, but was hoping (rather naively) that you won’t! 😛

    Now, password please? 😀

  27. @Saadat

    lol ill email it to you once i get home in the evening!

  28. hey and salams
    I’ve just discovered your blog. well it’s pretty unusual and cool, at least parts available to read 🙂 I liked that proverb at the beginning of this post…gonna spread 🙂

    peace and regards from poland

  29. @Amina

    Welcome to the blog, from pakiland! 😛

  30. Dude, aren’t you kind of obsessed with farting?

  31. lol hell no! 😛

  32. hahahah
    rofl mao man

    good writing…

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