Coming Soon!!!

The Politics of Karachi street fights…

(too tired to write a whole post just now, but soon!)


24 responses to “Coming Soon!!!

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  2. I saw a street fight once whilst visiting Karachi, Pak. It was at Zamzama, having never seen the much talked about street fights, I went outside the shoe shop we were in and started gawking at a huge group of guys beating up a poor boy. [Before I was ushered inside by the shop keeper telling me it wasn’t safe to be standing out, lol].

    Anyway, its pathetic. Instead of getting involved in stupid fights for silly reason [He hit on my g/f!!], they should use all that energy for some productive work.

    And in oonclusion, Men [Or grown up babies] are dum and Women should rule the world.

  3. HAHAHAHAHHA LOOSER! i found a way to butt into your blog….muahahahahhahahahahahah *evil laugh*

  4. HAHAHAHAHHA LOOSER! i found a way to butt into your blog….muahahahahhahahahahahah *evil laugh*!!!!!!!!!!

  5. None of my business, but I wish to butt in, so I shall-men are not dumb, and women alone cannot, and should not, rule the world. There is a need for balance in most, if not all, aspects of life, and “ruling the world” is no exception.

    It’s like saying, men are useless and women should make babies on their own.

  6. Also, Farooq I know how you get edgy with striking up controversy here, but honestly I don’t care. 🙂

    Bring it on.

  7. lol, manut the last part wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously. Maybe I should’ve put a warning there.

  8. I know it wasn’t. I’m feeling pesky. =)

  9. This current blog of yours is the best example of ‘procrastination’! 🙂

  10. Eid Mubarak, dude! Don’t go running into other people’s cars now!

  11. my car got stolen on saturday! i wont be running into nobody for a while! 😦

  12. Ufff itnay baray admi hain aap

    You give out a teaser and get so many comments

  13. @illusionist

    khair mubarak dude


    its the love that makes us who we are! 😀
    wese i havent felt like writing the actual post cause of the whole car scene, but soon!

  14. Soooo… like why is the above post password protected? :p

    And belated eid Mubarak. Hope you get your car back soon, but considering its karachi and the recent ‘halaat’, I doubt it.

  15. @purplepeople

    the above post isnt a funny, so its really not worth anyone reading!

    belated khair mubarak! They steal the cars for its CNG kit and then they leave it in some corner, so i should get it back, inshallah…
    Life without a car is pretty sad!

  16. I’m sure it must be. Btw, not everything has to be funny. Be yourself when you blog. A lot of times bloggers tend to do the mistake of catering to what people *expect* to read. And I fall into this category too at times, but khair.

  17. lol i love writing the funny posts, it makes me happy to see that other people enjoy it! And i write my blues too, and password protect them 😛

  18. @manut

    smartass 😛

  19. what! ur car got stolen!!?

  20. I hope it was insured, right?

  21. lol yeah it was stolen, and it wasnt insured. But i got it back a couple of days ago, minus the CNG. I fill in the details later tonight hopefully

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