For my persian princess…

So tahir zaki khan went for a picnic with his friend. He took a thermos with him…

Thermos-free pathan: khochee Ye kya hai?

tahir-zaki-khan: khochee yeh Thermos hai, is main thanda thanda rehta hai, aur garam garam!

Thermos-free pathan: khochee tum ismein aaj kya layee hai??

tahir-zaki-khan: khochee is mein hum layee hain chaar(4) kulfi aur do(2) cup chai(tea)! 😉

If an individual is given a surprise birthday party with a cake that looks like heaven and guests that are all hot supermodels, and all of a sudden a shotgun is shoved up his anus… what do you reckon he’d look like??!

Ive always had a certain hidden violent streak. I confess to dumb-foundedly watching fist fights on youtube for hours on end with the blind addiction similar to that of a mink’s to sex. And yes i know that war is nothing to want, but yet i find myself excited by the oppurtunity to witness one live!

The American General ‘Mike Idunno-who-my-daddy-is’ or something said theyre gonna be blasting at us with pure ignorant american pride pretty soon. And the pakistani COAS said in response that we aint gonna take your shit no more pretty soon.

In response to the happenings Zardari sahab said with a rotten smile on his crooked-corrupt-twisted face ‘I gotta take a leak, excuse me!’

(Disclaimer: This blogpost may or may not contain any accurate facts and quotations)

If youve been reading my blog long enough or if you have not been completely deprived of common sense and have a functioning nervous system, you prolly guessed that the guy with the shotgun up his anus prolly looks just like our current president! 😀

P.S: i was unable to gather the info i needed on king fahd and hence could not write about him, but it will come later, hopefully…

Until then, more great poetry:

Chaa Weyoo bibi geo

Saddi hakoomat ayee weyoo

Dushman ko thaa thaa keyoo

Injaaiii karii theo meyoo…


At the first light of dawn

A young child eats a tart

A young woman pushes hard

but all she gets is a fart! 😛


17 responses to “For my persian princess…

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  2. oh the current president is having fun on foreign lands after offering fateha at all the possibly known mazars

  3. like i said, the information i provide may not be all too accurate 😛

  4. You realise you’re going to have to translate that lovely conversation? ;p

    Also, you can do better.

  5. huh i wonder if we all hate zardari….than who gave him votes….
    i seriously wana know….

  6. @manut

    why dont you go to school and learn how to read instead?? 😛


    aik to yeh kay bloggers are lazy asses who dont vote!
    Secondly nobody voted for zardari, the over-emotional awaam voted for the late bibi, which arbaad rahim did warn us not to do haha

  7. Mean.

  8. @manut

    thank you, i try 😛

  9. Actually, I was wondering the same thing. If most Pakistanis seem to be against Zardari, who in the world voted for him?

  10. The COAS’s response is one of the proudest moments of my Paki life.

  11. @purple

    PPP has a huge following, from the interior sindh and punjab, its more like voting for a race rather than a person. We still havent gotten over the race and sect issue in our nation…


    The army does tend to do us proud on occasion, agreed!

  12. Nice one.. as you said pata nahi kisne vote de dia zardari ko.. lekin let’s see and hope ke Allah Pakistan ko bachaye 🙂

  13. @Wakas

    Pakistan ko to Allah hi bachata aya hai!
    Welcome to the blog…

  14. tell me more about this persian princess:P

  15. lol its just a title! 😛

  16. ahaan?
    sure about that?
    (6) *evil grin*

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