Naswaar aur Sarkar

Due to the lack of chemical sedation brought about by barely-edibles such as paan, naswaar, manikchand etc pakistanis tend to lose self-control during ramadan. This reflects in their driving skills, when the everyday retard decides to play bumping cars on the way home from work, not to mention our bus drivers!

Things are looking bright for pakistan, now that we have a president that looks like a pimp, pakistan is on for the hustle… bring it! :S

The masses of Pakistan are still in denial: ‘Zinda hai bibi zinda hai!!’ Hello, they shot AND bombed her, shes gone homie!

Here’s some funny to take your stuffed insides for a ride. This is an sms i got from school today:

‘IU will remain closed on monday. However, classes will continue as scheduled – Iqra University SMS server’


Poetry for the sophisticated:


On a dark desert highway,

A bird poops on my head

Some dance to remember,

Some fart and forget….

(Courtesy: ME ‘Inspired by hotel california’)


Khochi aja khalay naswaar,

Bus chalana hogaya dushwaar

Cheif justice howa taree-paar

Gunjoo-man ko charha bukhaar!



19 responses to “Naswaar aur Sarkar

  1. Looks like a pimp is an understatement, my friend. But I’m not one to judge on outlook [much] so I’ll shush.

    And you have to try harder to please “the sophisticated”. ;p

  2. @manut

    and what would you know about the sophisticated?! 😛

  3. true manut….pimp is simply an understatement!

  4. Pimp! Haha, I like that! 😀

    By the way, what the hell is manikchand?

  5. @Saadat

    Manikchand is a competitor of pan parag!

  6. do you know that mankichand is one the richest Indians, because of his links with apna dawood ibrahim sahab, he has to live in Dubai. and do you know that Dawood Ibrahim is the one responsible for bringing in Gutka to Pakistan, i mean its local manufacturing. He settled some ispute between Mankichand and his associate who established a breakaway gutka empire and in exchange took machinary making gutka that came to karachi via Dubai, google this info and you will find it.

    It is also in my blog if you care to look at older posts, i did it for herald.

  7. Whoa, now that i did not know!

  8. I demand a new post. Entertain me.

  9. @manut

    i aint one of your slaves! but yes, im thinkin im gonna write a lil post on Mr King Fahad bin some shit…. 😉

  10. Oh you are my slave all right; you just don’t know it yet.

    Don’t insult the dead! That said, we got a new one now. ;P

  11. ill let you live with you childish assumptions 😛
    haha i didnt know he was dead!

  12. Zinda hai bibi zinda hai:P

  13. was a torture to see you disfiguring my most favorite ‘Hotel California’ lyrics 😛

    Just yesterday, I got the message..Awam mar gayee..Bhutto zinda hai! 😛 😛

  14. @illusion



    my lyrics are better than what the eagles orignally did! 😛

  15. Finallyyyy someone says that the bibi is dead 😀

  16. dude, arbaab rahim said it long before i did! 😉

  17. Look what they did to him, beware 😀

  18. lol main bhee yehi soch raha thaa! :S

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