Bad parenting

Talking about crazy mom’s, just had to share this!


12 responses to “Bad parenting

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  2. Didn’t watch it ;p

  3. of course you didnt, you tube is banned by your sheikh! 😛

  4. On the contrary, you misinformed commoner, I banned watching pointless things for myself. 🙂

  5. pointless things, my friend, are the comforts in our shallow lives!

  6. OK, I couldn’t resist the baby face.. watched it. =p

  7. Good druggie

  8. Haha! Dude, where do you get this stuff?!

  9. Aww..he was such a cute kid 🙂 totally adorable and he gave such a sweet ‘evil look’ 😛

  10. @manut

    bitter child! 😛


    Dude, im hooked to you tube!


    haha that kid is a truck!

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