Nurses and Grooms!

I have found for womankind today, the greatest gift that you could ever get!

Come one, come all, to the Pak Arab American Salon! Get the groom of your choice for Rs.300 a piece!

Yes, if you dont believe me go see for yourself! The Pak Arab American Salon is located behind Bolan Sajji, opposite Agha Juice, near hasan square in karachi. Bring your shopping bags and take your pick…

I dont think that they’d give refunds though, and prices must be fixed, they are after all the market leaders in their business! 😀

My funny bone was constipated for a while. But i pushed hard and got rid of the problem, filling the gaseous vaccuum that had developed due to the unavailability of fresh bullshit (Yes yes, go throw up!) 😀

Speaking of Agha Juice reminds me of Aga khan! Mashallah, kia nurses theen… As an old drunken nawab once said:


(meaning evil eye be gone!)

I have read many a blog that is full of poetry. Most of it is borrowed! I do not like to brag but i might have won a competition or two in school for the beautiful words i have spilled onto paper like a cow spills dung on lush green fields under the watch of the bright midsummer sun…Arzzzz kia hai:

In the darkness of the night

A shadow slowly lingers,

An old man farts

and another cracks his fingers.

 to be continued…. 😉


32 responses to “Nurses and Grooms!

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  2. Wait… I don’t get it, so this Salon ‘sells’ grooms? [Or they do make-up for grooms? :confused:

    And what a name anyway… Pak Arab American? The Pakistanis and neither do the Arabs connect very well with the Americans. But oh well.

  3. haha they actually do make up for grooms, but the way it reads ud think they sell grooms!

  4. why would anyone name their saloon pak arab?
    I mean Pakistani men are no studs, but Arabs are downright hideous.

  5. u havent seen the lebanese! 😉

  6. I’d have to respectfully disagree on Arab Men being classified as hideous. Anyway, every nationality has its ‘goods’ and ‘bads’, [Yep, including Pakistanis!], and I think dumping people together in one group according to their nationality is very unrealistc. But i guess each to their own. 🙂

  7. lol somebody’s hurt! 😛

  8. Lol, not hurt, just putting in the other point of view. :p

  9. lol…i think i really need to see this place…btw, do lemme know if you find a place which ‘customizes’ grooms 😛

  10. @Pureplepeople

    acha ji!


    im sure theyll come up with designer grooms soon! then u can do ur shopping 😛

  11. @farooqk: So, did you put a tag on your ear and stand in line? 😛

    @Tazeen: Oh come one, Arabs are beautiful people – why are you thinking Iraq? Think UAE, think Lebanon, think Syria! 😉

  12. Haha this boy aint fo sale yo! fo shizzle my nizzle

    And come on now, first your crush on musharraf and now the arabs! Kia scene hai???!!! 😉

  13. Absar u had a crush on Musharraf? 😛 khair even i think arabs hailing from the arabian peninsula are quite good looking

  14. @Absar

    Please dont kill me!


    im sure you can find yourself a pak arab mix breed at the pak arab american salon! haha

  15. People

    Its not just the looks, its their whole persona. Arab men stalk you mercilessly, even when you speak to them in plain English that their advances are NOT welcome. Secondly, a good 90 percent of them have facial hair and if you are not into facial hair and totally swear by Gillette, then you would agree with me.


    It is fishy, why would you stand up for Arab men, i mean why??

  16. Tazeen, lol, you haven’t met a lot of Arab Men then. Alhamdulilah, most I’ve come across are very respectful. And I think we definitely differ on Gillette. 😉

    [And its not people!! It’s purple… Farooqs spreading the wrong name :/]

  17. Actually, Absar never said “Arab men“, but “Arab people“. Still, he has my sympathies. 😛

    And Farooq, one shadow but two old men… now that is poetry!

  18. @Tazeen

    Whats wrong with a beard, i have a light one myself! 😛


    I think she was referring to everyone when she said people! 😛


    I never looked at it that way, i guess i am skilled beyond my own comprehension! 😀


    *Goes and hides under the table*

  19. Lots to say.. Ahem.

    First, yes, what’s wrong with facial hair? Do your funny thing and write a post on that; I’d like to read.

    Second, you’re a disastrous poet. Humourous, but disastrous.

    Third, what a wonderful name for the salon.. Pak Arab American. Maybe they dye your hair blond, do your eyebrows up really dark & bushy, and hmm, I don’t know what to add for the Pak bit. =P

    Fourth, no one’s hideous. No one. That’s just plain…wrong.

    Fifth, since we ARE generalising in leaps and bounds here, [most] Lebanese men look and unfortunately…SOUND gay.

    On a more serious note, the amount of sweeping statements made amongst those lovely comments amuses me.. So most/all Arab men make advances and don’t know when to back off? I see, I’m enlightened, but you know they say write about what you know. (and that was to whoever put forward that pathetic notion up there)

    Hilarious, really. =)

  20. @Manut

    what funny thing?? 😛

    I partially agree on the lebanese men looking gay part, PARTIALLY!

    And to tell you the truth, taz is PARTIALLY correct about the arab men being jerks. Ive lived with them my whole life and unfortunately they are a rather arrogant and pushy race, PARTIALLY!

    And please dude, this is supposed to be a happy blog, lets not be dissing each other here!

  21. Farooq,
    There is nothing wrong with a beard, if you can carry it well. Che Guevera had one and looked like a million bucks and so many other men I know. What Arab men do is that they shape their beard in mysterious ways, a lot like facial fungus like hair sported by PRINCE (the musician). I mean you either have a beard or you don’t. Whats with keeping a goatee that changes shape every week. (I personally think that goatee was invented either by chinless men to add some to their faces or by men with double chin to hide that, but I digress.

    Yes, I may not know a lot of Arab men but i have no desire to gain any more acquaintance with them (Gosh, i sound sooooo Jane Austin)

  22. haha ill have to agree with you on that one, partially! 😛

  23. Your funny thing. Well, more your “usual” thing. Heh.

    I’ll shush about the Arab men conflict; each to their own, I suppose.

    Dissing? Oh no, not at all. That would be my usual sarcastic self, more or less.

  24. haha good stuff, on your request, ill add beards to my next post, which is probably gonna be tonight!

  25. Great.

    E-mail me the password for that post up there.

  26. email me the password yo!

  27. Wow! I mean, wow! 😛 I didn’t know people will hang on to it like that! 😛

  28. Waise at the office, I’m frequently being mistaken for an Arab, so! 😛

  29. @Absar

    hahahaha u want them to put a tag on you?! 😛

  30. Hell no! Okay, can we close comments on this one now? 😛

  31. hahaha okay, i guess 😛

  32. Doe-eyed Brunette

    You know what, I’ve seen that place, thanks to my parents who want to get off and visit every possible lane where you could get robbed.
    I think it says 300 me dulha lain…. hahaha caught my eye too it was funny!:P

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