Paindoo on a cruise…

Why do mothers have the habit of heating up food so much you cant eat it for ten minutes?! Is it some sort of test of patience?!

What happens when a sissy paindoo takes a brand new premio out on a cruise?!

So i didnt tell you folks about how i celebrated the independence day! We had huge plans. We got out wearing pashtoon style shalwar kameez which i had stitched particularly for the occasion! And we rode out to pick more of our friends up. On our way we came across the sissy ass paindo with the new premio. And he did what he was destined to do. On the freaking high speed lane, when the car up ahead of him slowed down he hit the brakes down hard! Coincidentally i also did what i was destined to do, i ran into his ass! Kaapissshhh!

So thats how i celebrated my 14th august. Major financial and psychological damage incurred, thanks to a stupid ass paindoo! Yeah, call me a racist 😀


28 responses to “Paindoo on a cruise…

  1. Hahaha..
    next time dekh ker chalana 😛

  2. Heated food reminds me of hot cereal today…which was a bit too hot so i took it to car with me and waited patiently for it to cool down..just then one stupid fly suddenly decided to swim in it and since it was hot so it died right then and there in my cereal!!

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  4. That’s every Pakistanis dream of Independence yar!

  5. @Lubna

    Even flies have the right to eat!
    Aur dekh kay hee chala raha tha, i watched it all happen! 😛

    @ Absar

    to fall into a bowl of cereal is every pakistani’s dream?? 😛

  6. Given the rising costs of feeding oneself.. yes I guess so! 😛

  7. LOL! Ran into his arse? Lovely way to put it. :p

  8. hahaha

    that was truly independent.
    You are emancipated enough to crash on someone’s rear. That’s accomplishment enough 🙂

  9. I remember the one time I “ran into the ass” of some suited and booted executive’s car, who has thought that applying full bakes while driving around a roundabout was the perfectly normal thing to do. The next half an hour was pretty amusing. 😀

  10. @Manut

    Thank you, i try 😀


    it doesnt feel very independent paying the cost of damages! 😛

  11. @saadat

    haha executive types can be very funny in their attempt to play the civilized man!

  12. Thats where you went wrong my dear.
    You should have dug your heels and screamed in your best Paindoo sound simply refuse to budge.

    PS: All this would have worked if the other driver was 5 inches shorter and weighed at least 8 kgs less than you.

  13. he was like a foot shorter and he looked like he was scared of me with my beard and all 😀

  14. N u call it wat??
    That’s not racism, it’s snobbery…

  15. there are some words which even though ive been told the meaning of multiple times i still fail to remember. In other words, i had to google the word snobbery!
    And right u are my friend, call me a snob! (which is the noun for one who commits snobbery) 😛

  16. lol..poor you:P
    yaar insurance bhi kisi cheez ka naam hota hai k nahi hmm?

  17. i dont have insurance so i had to pay for my own shit!

  18. u in pathani sahlwar kameez:D woh joke suna hay ik bihari ki jab pathan pittai kerta hay tu chilata hay ” hum pathnwa hum pathanwa…aray hum biharwa nahin hum pathanwa;) ” LOL
    And dude racist eeh!

  19. hahahahaha lmao!

  20. LOL. Looks like you had a blast.

    Btw, what happened here? :p At first I thought id come to the wrong blog. Someone went from being all emo and angst to all happy go luck eh? 🙂

  21. haha eventually we all have to grow up, dont we?!
    good to see you back in the blogosphere!

  22. lol yeah i guess so.
    Oh i was always on the blogosphere… just a different one. 😉

  23. haha i run two different blogs. but yeah overall, i was away from blogging for a while on the whole so your words do have truth in them. [And no i cant reveal the identity of the other one].

  24. acha bhai, murzee hai aapki 😛

  25. Technically speaking dude, it was you fault. 🙂

    prolly was a good thing no thulla got involved!

    Nice blog btw, enjoy your style.

  26. it wasnt man, the dude just stopped in the middle of the road on the high speed lane!
    Well yeah, i know it was my fault! 😀
    Thank you, im glad you like it

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