Bring the green back, baby!

My friends, people of my land, Happy Independence day!

I pray the new day brings you new lessons in life, more knowledge, more courage, more love, more patience and a step closer to your creator.

My blog is supposed to be a funny blog, but here’s a word of advice for the boys:

 Its vital that you stick to your two sole emotions, trying new ones will bring you no good. So if youre not hungry, you should be horny, and vice versa!

Always remember:

Junoon say, aur ishq say

burhtee hai aabadi!

(Almost courtesy: Junoon)


15 responses to “Bring the green back, baby!

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  2. Ab mein bolon tau kya bolon! 😛 Happy Independence Day!

  3. yeahh baby:P
    belated jashn-e-azadi mubarik btw;)

  4. lol @ yeah baby! austin powers fan r u?! 😛

  5. Junoon say, aur ishq say

    burhtee hai aabadi!

    hahaha, in case of Pakistan na junoon chahiye na ishq, all you need is two people of opposite sex and viola, you will have a cricket team in a decade, less if Allah mian decided to bestow a set of twins.

  6. lol to bhai jab opposite sexes come together to junoon hi hota hai!

  7. SSOO! When’re you getting started? 😛

  8. @absar

    just warmin up for it brother! 😛

  9. Lol @ warm up! 😛 What does the warm-up routine consist of, waise? 😛

    Okay don’t tell 😉

  10. haha of course i wont, holmes! 😛

  11. You molested the poor song.

  12. yeahh babyy:P
    back then i used to like his movies;)

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