Loshay loshay, balle balle, jeevay jeevay!

Many a young man has the hots for nurses, im beginning to think that tullas may have a similar liking to Farooq!

When you go to an alley in shara-e-faisal and you find it full of parking space, DONT park there!

I bought me a little flag and i stuck to my car window. Two kilometres later it sort of just broke off! But then again, im sure that has more to do with China than Pakiland! So i bought another one and taped it with pakistani electric tape for backup!

So the traffic walas finally decided to enter the competition! The regular tullas have been after me for a while, so the traffic walas figured they should take a shot too. First thing i was made to do when i went to the traffice thaana was to go outside and read their ‘terms of service’! The tulla said this was to make sure we didnt think he was guilty of corruption… 😀

Why did i go to the thaana you ask?! well because thats where my car was! Why was my car there?! Well because that heavenly alley, the one with loads of parking space where you park your car thinking youre the smartest person on the planet, is right outside the Governor of Balochistan’s house, which makes it a no-parking area! 

So i paid 620 bucks to get my car back. But i would like to ask our oh so responsive government a simple question! If the governor of Balochistan is supposed to take care of Balochistan shouldnt he be in Balochistan? And if he should be in Balochistan then why the hell does he have a government funded house in Karachi?! I am sure that you know very well what 10% of 1 crore is, but there’s a strong possibility youre unaware of the fact the Karachi is not in Balochistan! 

Pakistan is a kick-ass nation! Even though there’s never a parking spot to be found on shara-e-faisal, and the sewers are over-flowing on its parking lane, i seriously think we’re blessed (i really do).

Aik nayee manzil nazar main

Dil main taaza valvala ho!

(Courtesy: Junoon)


12 responses to “Loshay loshay, balle balle, jeevay jeevay!

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  2. You and and your policemen!! kisse police wali ki beti sai shaadi kerlo, phir kow masla nahin hoga 😛

  3. a dated an SP’s daugther once! Policemen’s daughters are ugly and sleazy(general opinion), so i think ill pass! haha

  4. god! u literally run into trouble with the tullas every single day!!

  5. theyre not all that bad, you know! 😀

  6. might sound dumb, what are tullas? 😮

  7. haha lol. oh they’re famous for being corrupt and sent away with a little bit of money. ‘Rishvat’ as they like to call it.

  8. kia kareingay bicharay, theyre poor, and they have kids to feed…

  9. I don’t think so. They look plain evil to me. Especially with the things they come up with, [Like being involved in robbery, etc] i mean seriously, even if you have kids to feed doesn’t mean you go around doing wrong. [And doing haram in the process too].

    Infact there was a research done that police officers themselves were involved in running/frequenting prostitution houses. If that doesnt speak volumes i don’t know what does. Khair, but thats just my opinion.

    Lol, oh i just remembered, shar e-faisla is near my grandmothers house i think in khi. Its the one with two roads right? One that goes up… [I hope im not confusing it with something else].

  10. haha shara-e-faisal doesnt go up! maybe ur talking about the hill park hood! which is near shara-e-faisal

  11. and ur right about the things they do. But they are a very small link in a juge chain. Seriously, so many of them are not half as bad as ud think. Some of course are much worse than u can ever imagine…

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