of kids and chuppan-tilli…

You like kids?

I totally dig em. Strange, innocent little creatures, who can freakin’ get away with absolutely anything! The other day at silverspoon, i saw this kid standing up on the table in the middle of the jam-packed restaurant, surrounded by his family (too busy gorging down there tikkas), in all due innocence doing guess what?! (Viewer disgression advised – disgust 100 metres…)

Pashtoon poetry is beautiful. Its an ancient tradition that most of us have no exposure to. A few apt verses for the rain by a pashtoon poet:

Dagha Pashtay da rora

ma vala saaawan faraz,

Da pusta ma rora

Dagha pich pich Dagha pich pich!


PLAYING WITH HIS CROTCH! Thats what the kid was doing! (You though it was the pashtoon poet didnt you?? you racist/biased, driven-by-cliches little homo-sapien of the east) And he got away with it! That little freak! NOoooobody even seemed to notice (except for myself that is)!!! Had a grown man done that, society wouldve revolted as if bhutto had been shot again!

“….Ghar ghar say Bhutto niklayga,

Tum kitnay bhutto marogay!”

Bhaijaan, aap hi kay ghar say niklayga, hum to shareef log hain! 😀


What did the mallu sidekick say when he saw the hero’s sister walking down the road with her friends?!

“Kuccchhhummm-maillaaaaa! Aye popat, dekh kya item ja reli hai…”

Ive always been a fan of them indian gangster movies. How can you not be entertained by mumbaiyya street language?? Sarkar Raj was a kick ass sequel(although it may have been a tad bit too dramatic).

Before i take my leave, id like to say:

‘Aye chirkut, monitor ko ghoor ghoor kay kahe ko dekh rela/reli hai??’ 😛


10 responses to “of kids and chuppan-tilli…

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  2. hahahah!!! so tahts where ur eyes are on:P hmmmm:P
    no body else saw cuz they were bz doing what they wnet for- food:P
    and you!!! shame on you:P


  3. bhai khana nahi aaya thaa to aur kia karta 😀

  4. LOL! Yaar kuch sharam karo! Jab aantein qul hu-wa-Allah parrh rahi hon tau nazar bhi bacha kay rakhni chahiyay!

  5. lol
    i cant believe u were actually noticing all that!

  6. @Saadat



    Couldnt help it, he was standing on the table!! 😀

  7. How old was the kid?

  8. prolly around 4…

  9. thats disgusting. in th emiddle of the table? aaah, what about other people who’d come to eat? hygiene people hygiene!! :O I’m going to double check wherever i sit.

  10. haha this is a common sight here! even grown ups do it like nobody’s watching… Disgusting, agreed but funny nonetheless!

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