Chaa meo, baarish theo weeo…

‘Meri chocolate keee murghi nay diyay

Chocolate kay aaaaandayy!’

If u had a chocolate ki murghi, would u cook it or just eat it raw, chocolate feathers and all? 😀

KESC (karachi ki bijli wali company) has been acting like Carmen Electra lately, tantalizing us with all those twisted things electricity can be used for, but only for brief moments of time, after which we return to sitting-in-balcony mode. (For all you ladies who dont know who Ms Electra is, please make sure the ratings filter is on before you google her name)

It sucks to sit in the driver’s seat when ur butt is drenched in rain water.

Its amazing how much paan one household can excrete on the shade of a tariq road stall. Whats more amazing is how quickly the rain can wash it all down on poor old me (somebody in this world really hates me)! Post bun kabab and minute-maid, i wasnt really interested in dessert! 😀

Cops stopped me again.

Tulla: ‘Oye us taraf pani to nahi hai?’

Me: ‘Nahi ji, aap kay ghar ka raasta saaf hai…’

(They took away my insurance card, so i didnt of course say all of that…)

Im not the only one who’s learned a lesson or two lately. A hot chick or two might have learned never to get out wearing white capris when it looks like its about to rain! (Mainay nahin dekha, a friend told me :D) Hot chicks are like insects, they come out in the rain…(haan yeh mainay dekha thaa)

The new government is striving for the betterment of our education system. Kids will now be taught more practical things… ‘Urdu ki pehli kitaab’ finally has a new edition:

Alif say Aaata

Bay say Bijli

Pay say Patrol..

I have a final paper tomorrow. Havent studied for shit. No sweat 😀 Before i take my leave, arz kia hai..

“Aaya chief justice, Chaaya chief justice

Karachi main baarish lay aaya chief justice…”

Piye Bhutto(Jr.)!


10 responses to “Chaa meo, baarish theo weeo…

  1. karachiwali

    id simply eat my my chocolate ki murghi raw! 🙂
    so it seems u had a lovely time in the rain 😉 and dude y arent u studying for your exams?

  2. Sometimes I feel that I am the only person in the world who thinks that chocolate is way overrated.

    That said, I’ll try to cook the chocolate ki murghi. I once tried to “bake” some apples in the microwave oven too. Don’t ask me what happened.

    And man, you really need to sort out the police-wallahs-stopping-you routine. It’s fun, yes, but not everyday.

  3. @karachiwali:

    id eat half of it raw and make chocolate mousse out of the rest!
    exams to hotay rahaingay, koee tension nahi hai 😀


    People do tend to overrate chocolate, agreed. Especially dark chocolate, it tastes like crap!
    And they didnt actually stop me this time, i just made that up! haha Its the traffic walas im scared of, since i dont have a license…

  4. karachiwali

    im a huge chocoholic..but i dont like dark chocolate either and i even dont believe that chocolate can actually be good for health in any possible manner

  5. ALL women are chocoholics! i think it just might do ur health a lil good if taken in small quantities…

  6. Seems like you didn’t have dessert because you couldn’t see any ‘hot chick’ in white capris 😛 (I have serious offence to this ‘chick’ word)

    Why in the world, whole Karachi Police is after you??!!

  7. haha my friend, i had a whole lotta dessert!
    to koee alternative batao! khawateen appropiate hai?

  8. the cops are just concerned, thats all 😀

  9. behtar hai yeah lafz banisbat ‘chick’ kai…

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