Fighting gravity…

Isaphgol has made the world a better place.

The laws of gravity do not equally apply to everything!

Remember that kid in class? that kid who always maintained an extended drop of supremely extravagant, luscious lime green snort that always looked like it was ready to fall onto the ground any second,  to either lubricate the foot movement of the next passerby or to fertilize the Earth with its nourishing chemical composition?! On occasion it even threatened to add new color to the school boy’s crisp white shirt. Btw, i hope for your own good, dear reader, that you havent just had your dinner. If you have, then i hope that your shirt and keyboard are both insured, or that disgust is just not a word in your dictionary!

Anyways, havent u ever wondered how that particular drop of snort was always victorious in its fight with gravity?! Perhaps this was because its chemical formula was carefully composed to maintain very little weight and high adhesion to the skin under the child’s nostril, or perhaps the earth was too discomforted by its colour and source to draw it towards itself…

The new government is very concerned about hygeine. The cops stopped me again, this time to check if my car was clean, which according to their standards, it was. Ill have to say, they must have very low standards 😀

A great poet once said:

‘Umpphh…. umpppphhh…. ummmpppphhh’

Well, he was constipated, and Isaphgol was yet to be discovered!

After the discovery of isaphgol, he successfully said:

‘Chandoo ki chachi nay

Chandi ki chamchee say

Chandoo kay chacha ko

Isaphgol chatayee…’

In other news, i too have caught the flu. Or the flu has caught me, that would be more appropiate, ive never really been attracted to the flu u know, its just not my type 😀


18 responses to “Fighting gravity…

  1. unfortunalty i think that kid in class used to be me. and i used to wonder all the time and for a very short time i thought i was giffted now i realize i’m just “special”.

  2. Does it still hang loose?! 😛

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  4. For a moment there I thought that you were having ispaghol for fighting flu.

  5. haha i dont think that’d do any good!

  6. yuck! how could you even write all that

  7. LOL which skool did u go to??:)
    I loved the style made me laugh between my v seruous mood

  8. ispaghol makes the world go round …
    they are now branding ispaghol and you can buy hashmi ispaghol and qarshi ispaghol

  9. @karachiwali

    I do most of my writing using a keyboard 😀


    This was back in Kindergarden, i went to Happy home which is a school in sharjah… Although every kindergarden class in the world has one snort-nosed kid!
    Its not good to stay serious all the time, ull get wrinkles u know 😛


    Its totally wicked isnt it?!
    Im thinking very soon agha juice will start selling isaphgol shakes too! Prolly with a topping of isaphgol ice cream 😀

  10. Loved all your posts. I’m not sure if you’re employed/studying….but let me know if youre intrested in writing/working for Dawn.

  11. @Saba

    Welcome to the blog! im glad you liked it, im just trying to entertain…
    And yes, id love to write for Dawn!

  12. Send me your CV asap!

    We’re looking for assistant editors at SPIDER (the technology magazine)…your allowed to roll your eyes…but yea its quite good and once your in dawn spider you can contribute in Images, Magazine, Review etc..

  13. HASHMI ISPAGHOL is the best. it is 100% pure, natural and hygenically clean fibre suppliment.

  14. lol is it really?! 😛

  15. Awesome post… This reminds me of the time when I was going to Mirpur khas in my beloved basanti and there was this truck I was about to over take and the driver of that truck pulled out a massive snot and left it in the air and there it landed on my windscreen…SPLASH!!!!!!

    I couldnt stop laughing and my couldnt stop throwing up and a few minutes later I had pathan’s snot on my screen, processed bigMac in my car and lot a tummmy ache after the laughters.

  16. haha youre even more disgusting than i am! 😀

  17. Why WAS I eating when I read this post, and the post below..?

    *hastily closes this blog*

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