Bla bla black sheep

A great poet once said:

‘Tere baap kay naam

Mere ko beedi day…’

on another occasion he said:

‘Ramu, mera ghora lay kay aa, thok day salay ko…’

Great poetry, like democracy, is truly a gift to mankind. The new government is full of life and zeal, driven by the urge to rescue us from the trenches of inflation and oppression we have fallen into. In just over 3 months theyve done so much work, if you dont believe it, you should check out the rate at which cops are ripping off tints from people’s cars! Mind-blowing…

And the cops are so friendly now they stop me every other day at 3am just to ask me: ‘Oye, kahan ja rahay ho?!’, to which i reply ‘aap hi kay ghar ja raha hoon!’ Since theyre armed, and i am yet to be exposed to radiation that makes me green and bulletproof, i choose to avoid the ‘aap hi kay’ part!

I hate it when people in China with a flu decide to go to the movies! Why, you ask me? Well, because the guy with the cam who sits at the back recording the movie for third world pakistan always seems to choose that same show to do his recording business, and we the oppressed have to end up watching the movie which chinese add-in sounds, plus the occasional chinaman’s shadow on his way to the loo, and back! Ive never heard a fart in a cam-copy of a movie though! Is that because people in China just dont fart loud enough?? Do they not have daal there??

In other news, if malai boti was a woman, id marry her! Yeah yeah, call me a sexist 😀


14 responses to “Bla bla black sheep

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  2. hahahhaha! man u write funny:)
    Im glad u miss the “aap hi key” part lol else you wouldnt been able to do this post:P they dnt have good jails in pak!!!
    and chinese are so short an dits so dark how come u see the shadw? haan????

  3. the guy with the camera is also chinese, hence short, please search ‘line of vision’ on wikipedia for further details 😛

    and they’re short, yes, but not transparent, shadow to aata hai bhai!

  4. I remember the first time when a cop stopped me. I was riding a bike then, and didn’t even have the license. Thankfully, all he did was to ask who the owner of the bike was (my dad), and then looked at the bike’s “papers” (kaghaz!) to check if I had told my father’s name right.

    And to be honest, I can’t imagine malai boti as a woman!

  5. well, just imagine a woman who tastes like malai boti then, aik hi baat hai! 😀

  6. what malai boti have to do with women frqk??

  7. ok..i’ve read your above mention sure got some weird taste frqk!!! kuch aur nahi mila tha relate kernai ko?? and no need to anser this question as well 😛

  8. hahaha if you say so, werna i had a pretty good response to that 😛

  9. Man, oh man! You ARE a sexist! 😀

  10. i dont know what you’re talking about 😛

  11. Doe-eyed Brunette

    my competitor is a stick of malai boti!!

  12. a whole plate of malai boti! 😛
    do you feel threatened? huh? 😛

  13. Doe-eyed Brunette

    not really, too much malai boti can give you heartburn 😛

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